With excitement and a sense of adventure, Nuria Hernandez, along with her husband and two sons left Argentina bound for the United States. Unlike many Hispanics coming into this country her husband arrived with a job contract. This opened the opportunity to initiate the permanent residency process and eventually citizenship.

But as is often the case with the best laid plans, life took an unexpected turn. With her children now adults and on their own, Nuria found herself living alone and caring for herself. Fortunately, she had already gone through great efforts to dominate the English language and, being the determined woman that she is, at the age of 44 she returned to school to acquire an Associate Degree in Business Administration. A task that took her four years to achieve.

Anyone that has ever used the wrong tense or crossed their “Los” with their “Las” around Nuria can attest to her insistence on perfect diction and attention to grammar. Qualities that you would expect from a good school teacher. Which is exactly where life has taken this resilient woman. These days she can be found teaching Spanish to excitable kids that she has grown to love and has been loved by in return.

Although she enjoys going back to visit her family she has grown to consider Tennessee her home.

Nuria Hernandez is another perfect example of a Tennessee Logro.

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